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LA Discovers Wrinkle in Plan to House Homeless Veterans

by / Monday, 21 September 2015 / Published in California News, Housing, National News, Press Releases

President Obama has pledged to end veterans homelessness by the end of 2016. But officials in L.A. found a segment of the veteran population that’s falling through the gaps in funding for housing.

LA discovers wrinkle in plan to house homeless veterans by 2016

Cities across the country are rushing to house all homeless veterans by the end of this year, a goal set by the Obama administration. Some are falling through the cracks.

As cities across the country rush to house all homeless veterans by the end of this year to meet a goal set by the Obama administration, officials in Los Angeles said veterans who have a less-than-honorable discharge from the military have fallen through the cracks.

Carlos VanNatter, director of the Section 8 program at the Housing Authority of Los Angeles, said they don’t typically qualify for federal funds dedicated to ending veteran homelessness – and that’s a big problem.

“We will never get to housing all homeless veterans within the city unless we work through and with this segment of the population,” he said. There are about 6,000 homeless veterans in Los Angeles.

To help, the City of Los Angeles is setting aside 500 of its own Section 8 vouchers – meant to subsidize housing for the general low-income population – for these veterans. Officials have recently begun taking applications from veterans who didn’t receive honorable discharges for those slots. Read full article here.

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