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California Women Veterans Leadership Council Established to Support All Women Veterans in the State SACRAMENTO – As our country celebrates its 240th year of independence, Americans remember our men and women who have served in the Armed Forces to protect and secure the very freedoms our founders sought in the drafting of the Declaration of

Veteran Websites in Los Angeles and Orange County

AB 935 (Frazier),  “Veteran on the Drivers’ License” Update A  big veterans thank you to Assemblymember Jim Frazier for his leadership, tenacity and drive to help veterans. Because of his AB 935,  there are at least 1458 veterans who have filed claims through their CVSO o receive federal benefits that they had earned through their

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The Stand Down will continue to offer O.C. veterans many of the same services as in the past. The Co-Chairs for this year are the Orange County Rescue Mission and Vet Net/Working Wardrobes. They have arranged for expanded transportation options for this year. The Veterans Resource Expo is geared for veterans who are attending local

LA discovers wrinkle in plan to house homeless veterans by 2016 Cities across the country are rushing to house all homeless veterans by the end of this year, a goal set by the Obama administration. Some are falling through the cracks.